How often have you said “I hate my body” or “I am so fat”?

How often have you looked in the mirror and felt sad about what you see?

Have you purposely avoided looking in mirrors?

Have you avoided being naked in front of your partner?

For some people, they believe that by ‘hating’ their body, it will push them to work hard and diet to lose weight. If you think like this, how’s it working for you?

Chances are it isn’t working! And I’ll tell you why…..

These negative thoughts stick in your brain and make you feel so bad about yourself that you end up thinking it’s all a waste of time. 

“What’s the point in trying, I’m never going to lose weight!” 

However, a small solution would be to focus on areas of your body you do like, areas that you’ve seen progress in or simply just applauding yourself for doing your best! 

So let’s take two different people

Person A - understands that it takes time and appreciates the changes they make no matter how small. When looking in the mirror they look at the areas they have improved on and feel proud of themselves. 

Person B - hates their body, constantly picks out the areas of their body that they don’t like and even after losing a few pounds, still only looks at their ‘fat bits’. 

Both people go to work, have a stressful day and feel completely drained by the time they leave work. They were supposed to go to the gym, but understandably can’t really be bothered. 

Person A - after looking at how much better a certain part of their body looked that morning, they realise how much better they’ll feel after a workout and go to the gym anyway. Once there, they end up having a great workout and then go home and have a nice dinner feeling less stressed.   

Person B - after looking in the mirror grabbing their fat that morning, their stressful day has just added to their already negative frame of mind. Instead of going to the gym they say “I’m fat anyway, what’s the point!” They go home, sit on the couch and comfort eat, telling themselves they’ll start again properly next week when they’re more motivated. 

Another day, they come home from work and realise they forgot to buy chicken to cook for their dinner. Which person do you think looks in cupboards for a tin of tuna and some pasta or throws together an omelette? 

And which person do you think just phones a takeaway? 

You see, your mindset determines the actions you take. 

Your actions determine the results you achieve. 


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