1-2-1 Personal Training

Available from a spacious well equipped facility in East Kilbride - Glasgow.


What we work on and improve:

Diet and nutrition
Fat loss and weight loss
Muscle and strength gain
Movement and technique
Confidence (in and out of gym)

Starting out

When starting our 1-2-1 Personal Training, we begin by chatting about what you’re looking to achieve. We will look at what you have done previously in regards to diet and training as this lets us see what your preferences are and what will or won’t work for you. Then we can make a plan for moving forward.



We will look at how you move and perform exercises so we can address any issues and make sure you can perform all exercises safely and effectively without any pain or issues. For example, many people feel deadlifts and squats in their lower backs. So we fix technique and muscle engagement, retraining the movements so they can be done with no pain or problems. The difference this can make to your training, how you feel and ultimately the results you achieve can be massive.


We will set a nutrition plan that is based around your likes and dislikes, your current lifestyle and what suits your habits best. Since nutrition is arguably the biggest factor in achieving results with body transformations, it is important that we make it as easy and enjoyable as possible! So we never make it a boring ‘chicken and broccoli’ bodybuilder diet! I have a sweet tooth and love food, so make sure that everyone eats foods they enjoy while still getting results!



You will have training programs set up specifically for you, taking into consideration your goals, fitness, ability, movement and likes/dislikes. Just like eating a diet of foods you don’t like isn’t enjoyable and wouldn’t work long term, training has to be enjoyable as well as productive. Programs are set up to ensure progress and improvements, while being tailored to you.


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I am big on people having confidence in the gym! So part of the process is increasing confidence so you feel 100% comfortable in the gym going through your workouts.

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We will track progress on an ongoing basis and look to make consistent improvements and achieve results!

What our CLIENTS think


I started training with Paul around 5 years ago- unfit and unhappy with how I looked. I had seen Paul training his female clients and was amazed at how strong these girls were so plucked up the courage to book in for PT. Immediately I could tell how passionate Paul was about helping people change their lifestyle- it wasn’t about crash diets or endless hours of cardio which was all I knew. Following Paul’s personalised training programmes and learning from his wealth of knowledge on nutrition I began to build muscle and become leaner. As a petite female it was important for me to get physically stronger and Paul continues to push me and I’ve hit strength goals I’d never have dreamed of! He has pushed me out of my comfort zone and continues to challenge me in every session. There has been a lot of physical changes over the years but the most valuable change from training with Paul has been the confidence I have gained- both inside and outside of the gym. Couldn’t recommend him enough!


I was recommended to Paul when I decided to lose weight for a holiday I had in 12 weeks. In that 12 weeks I managed to lose 13 pounds and feel comfortable in my bikini. Over 2 years later I still have 2 PT sessions a week with him. He has made working out so much more enjoyable and I am now lifting weights without getting injured like I did in the past. He has shared his knowledge about nutrition which allows me to still enjoy life without constantly worrying about dieting.


I started training with Paul about a year after having my second baby. Overweight and fed up I decided to get back to the gym. I had always been a "classes" person but with 2 kids and my own business I couldn't find a timetable that suited. I'm not going to lie, the first few sessions were brutal! But I loved it, just the push I needed to get started. Now several years later I'm still doing it and wouldn't be without my weekly sessions. The support and encouragement from Paul has been amazing but also his knowledge of fitness and nutrition has helped me ditch the fad diet way of thinking and see what I should be doing! He once said to me "I get results!" Well I'm happy with the results so far and looking forward to hitting some more goals!


If motivation, accountability, and a knowledgable approach is what your looking for in a PT, Paul is the coach for you!


Knowledgeable, thorough, professional and a perfectionist when it comes to the training. Exactly what you need!



Make a commitment to the plan. Don’t give up. Sticking with this will guarantee your success.