With online coaching you get the support, guidance, accountability and results orientated programming and nutrition plans just like 1-2-1 training, but it can all be done remotely. 

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Just like 1-2-1 training, we first of all chat about what you’re looking to achieve, your current and past training and diet, as well as your preferences.

We still assess any movement issues and any problem exercises you may have. This will be done simply by recording the movements/exercises so I can look at what we need to work on. We will cover what we need you to do to be able to perform all exercises effectively.

Dietary guidance and plans are put in place and looked at on a weekly basis to ensure we are moving forward towards your goals. All plans are flexible and enjoyable while still providing results. 

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Bespoke programming is provided, tailored specifically to you. There are no cookie cutter programs here! All programs are based on your strengths/weaknesses, fitness, ability and preferences. They will also be based around the equipment and facilities you have at whatever gym it is you currently train at.

All programs are designed to ensure progress on a continual basis to make sure results are achieved! Every week we will catch up either through phone call, FaceTime/Skype or WhatsApp, whichever you prefer.



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PT since 2006

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Hundreds of satisfied client testimonials


Following Paul’s personalised training programmes and learning from his wealth of knowledge on nutrition I began to build muscle and become leaner.
As a petite female it was important for me to get physically stronger and Paul continues to push me and I’ve hit strength goals I’d never have dreamed of! He has pushed me out of my comfort zone and continues to challenge me in every session.


I was recommended to Paul when I decided to lose weight for a holiday I had in 12 weeks. In that 12 weeks I managed to lose 13 pounds and feel comfortable in my bikini. Over 2 years later I still have 2 PT sessions a week with him. He has made working out so much more enjoyable and I am now lifting weights without getting injured like I did in the past. He has shared his knowledge about nutrition which allows me to still enjoy life without constantly worrying about dieting.


I started training with Paul about a year after having my second baby. Overweight and fed up I decided to get back to the gym. I had always been a "classes" person but with 2 kids and my own business I couldn't find a timetable that suited. I'm not going to lie, the first few sessions were brutal! But I loved it, just the push I needed to get started. Now several years later I'm still doing it and wouldn't be without my weekly sessions.


If motivation, accountability, and a knowledgable approach is what your looking for in a PT, Paul is the coach for you!


Knowledgeable, thorough, professional and a perfectionist when it comes to the training. Exactly what you need!



Results, enjoyment and sustainability are the main focus points. Progress will be continually assessed and relevant changes will be made on an ongoing basis. 


If at any other point you have any issues or questions or need help with anything, you can send me a message and I will respond as soon as possible. You will never feel stuck or helpless, all questions will be answered in as much detail as possible and help will be given whatever the issue may be.